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Sonntag, 9. August 2015
So today we finally made a post about our summer travels.
We both went with our family 2 weeks and enjoyed the free time there.

Below you can see our travel route:
-S. UK
I went with my Family 2 weeks to England and Wales. I was already 4 times in the UK but this time, we lived one week in a cottage near to the sea in Wales and did some hiking and the other week, we were 2 days in Salisbury, 3 days in Eastbourne and one day in Brighton.
The most things we did were sightseeing, exploring villages and cathedrals, hiking and shopping.
I just have to say that all English people are soo nice, kind and open!

- We started with the car in Switzerland and travelled through France till we reached the sea and went with the ferry to Dover. From there we had a long car journey and stayed in a little village called Sevenoaks, the next day we travelled further to Cardigan (Wales). There we rented a lovely little cottage in the middle of nowhere. We did some hiking, went to Swansea, explored the nature and enjoyed the rainy, cold weather ;) (Uk temperature: 15 celsius and in Switzerland: 38 celsius!!!!)
- After 6 days staying there, we left this cool place and travelled to south England (Salisbury). We did a little stop in Cardiff and met there some friends which were emigrated. In Salisbury, we explored the Little city, which was really pretty (we slept in a B&B). The next day, we went further to Eastbourne and staied there 3 nights in a B&B. From there we went with the train to my fav city ever Brighton!
After this day, we went to the seven sisters (white cliffs near Eastbourne) and did again a hike. This was sooooo beautiful!! The nature in England is just unbelievable!
- After lovely 2 weeks, we left England and drove home (1200km......sooo long)!

(sry I couldn't decide which pics I should take, so enjoy my spaming of photos) :)
Our little cottage

Hiking trip to the St. Davids cathedral



Hiking in Eastbourne - the 7 sisters (white cliffs)


-L. Germany and Czech Republic

My family and I flew with the plain to Berlin, there we met some relatives from Amerika. We stayed 3 nights in a cute hotel near the centre. We did lots of sightseeing & shopping.
With a rented car we drove to a small city called Meissen. We stayed there in a appartement (3 nights), the last day we spent in Dresden.

With the car we crossed the border to Czech Republic. The first city we visited in Czech Republic was Prague. The old city of Prague was absolutely beautiful, the only bad thing was the huge crowd of tourist...
After 3 days we left Prague and drove to a city called Plzen, where the well-known beer "Pilsen Urquell" was made. Of course we went on a tour in the brewery , free beer inclusive ;)
We stayed the night there, the next day we went into Germany again and spent the day and the night in Bamberg.
The following day we went home and on our way we stopped to look at the city Rothenburg.

Fernsehturm - Berlin

 Brandenburger Tor - Berlin

 Holocaust Mahnmal - Berlin

 Checkpoint Charlie - Berlin

 Eastside Gallery - Berlin

 Kuppel Bundestag - Berlin



 Schloss Moritzburg - Meissen




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