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Montag, 28. Dezember 2015
!Happy anniversary!

 1 Year in numbers

365 Days
1 Friendship
48 Post
4 Concerts
8128 Blog views
5 Google+ followers
2 Anniversaries
1267 Photos
1 Collab
2 Blogger - Followers 
1 Camera
200h Time invested 
2 Memory cards
116'337 Google+ views

Because of our 1 year anniversary we filmed a little video. We also relaunched our whole blog! New name: JourneyOfSaturdays

We post every Saturday on the blog, this is why we choose this name. 

Disclaimer :We don't plan on being youtubers we just wanted to try something new.. maybe we will post more "Diary's" next year.


Jeans - Dr. Denim
Jumper - H&M
Shoes - Dr. Martens
Coat - H&M
Socks - COS
Backpack - Brandy Melville

Sweater - Zara
Girlfriend Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Dr. Martens
Socks - COS
Coat - Zara
Glasses - Carrera
Scarf - Zara


X-mas edition II, gift ideas

Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2015

Hi guys!

Christmas is coming closer and closer. Only 11 days until christmas!
 Last Chance to buy presents. 
I'm a person, that always buys presents last minute, a bad habit... If you are like me and in a dilemma situation and don't know what to buy your family or friends, don't worry we have the solution!
Here are some ideas what to give your friends, parents, uncles, aunts..


Bag - Primark
Fondation - Clinique
Parfume - Blumarine Anna 
Artist pens shades of grey - Faber-Castell
Candle 'holder' - Globus
Basket - From a flower market
Sketch book - stationery store
Nail polish - American Apparel
Bodyspray - Bodyshop
Candle - Yankee candle
Cactus with geometric sculpture - Selfmade
Watch - Urban Outfitters
DIY Fashion book - Topshop
Water bottle Mizu- From a friend (store in Amsterdam)
Card - Fizzen
Book - Jojo Moyes
Bodylotion - Bettina Banty
Vegan love story - cookbook (Hiltl)
Deliciously Ella - cookbook

Map - present from a friend (you can get it from internet shops)
Snowboard goggles - Giro, Model Blok
Card - HEAD-Gèneve
Face mask - AHAVA Active deadsea minerals
Card - Fotografiska in Stockholm
Nail polish - H&M
Book - Alexa Chung
Something little from COS(can't show you - present for my friend)
Scrunchie - Brandy Melville
Heart basket - Globus
Lipstick (golden one) - Collistar Milano, Rubion number 12
Lip pen (black one) - H&M, dark red
Necklace - Brand Melville
Lipstick (grey one) - Alverde Naturkosmetik cranberry, number 62
Brow pen - Topshop
facial cleanser - Lush, Angels on bare skin
Shoes  - Vagabond
Nail polish - Topshop
Parfume - Anna (forgot to remove it from the pic)
Dipliner Ink - H&M


for a musiclover

CD - Pink Floyd
Record - The XX
Headphones - Urbanears
Concert tickets 5SOS - Ticketcorner
Bluethooth Speaker UE - Interdiscount

for a fashionlover

Blouse - H&M
Fashionbook - random bookstore
Sunglasses -H&M/New Yorker
Bracelet - Vintage/H&M
Rings - Primark
Plant - IKEA
Female Bust - Vintage + DIY

for a randomthingslover

Basket - H&M Home
Lichtenstein book - Seattle
Notebook - Random Market
Stephen King "das Mädchen" - Second Hand Shop
Faber-Castell 12 pencilset - Bader
Book with poems - Gift
Plants - IKEA/Migro
Pots - IKEA
Instax mini 8 polaroid camera - Interdiscount
Aromatic Candle - IKEA
Map - Yamatuti
Glassbox - Vintage

X-Mas edition I : Ginger Bread

Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2015
Happy second Advent
We're going to do a X-mas Editions, starting from today we are doing  something christmassy for the next three weeks.
We baked some ginger bread and listened to christmas songs.
“The days are getting colder, have a warm heart.” 
Ginger Bread

Flour 500g (add more if necessaire)
Gingerbread spice 2Tbsp
Sugar 85g
Honey 200g
Milk 3dl
Natron ½Tbsp
--> Mix all the ingredients together to a dough and let it rest for 30 minutes.

 --> preheat oven to 200 Celsius.
--> Pour the dough on a baking sheet with baking paper.
--> Bake for 10-15min.
--> After you bake it you can cut pieces out with a Cookie cutter.

E N J O Y :)

 next week we're going to post some Christmas gift ideas...
see ya