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Samstag, 19. März 2016
As you may know, we love art!
Art inspires us everyday in different ways, how we dress, how we live and how we do things. Even in the early years, we were creative. We used to craft things for example we "designed" clothes together. Today, we get inspirations from tumblr, social media, environment, places we visit and from the "street".  
Everytime we encounter something aestethic pleasend, we feel at ease. Like when we visit art galleries, concerts and festivals or just when we have the possibility to do somehing artsy. 

The best museums and galleries we've visited so far: 
  • Photographista (Stockholm)
  • Helmhaus (Zürich)
  • Kunsthaus Zürich
  • Photo16
  • Maag Halle
  • BaselArt 
  • Van Gogh museum
  • Fondation Beyeler
  • Louvre Paris
  • Designer Saturday Langenthal
  • SAM Seattle
  • National Museum of Scotland
Naturally our dream job has to be something with art. 
I'm (Lynn) still in the "Gymnasium" with the focus art. I don't know what I want to do in my future, but I plan on doing an internship.

And I'm (Samira) visiting the commercial high school in Wankdorf (not very creative ik). After my graduation I would like to go to the art school in Bern (pre-course) and after that, my dream is to study communication design and to be an art director. --> I got a long way to go ;)

Here are our fave songs at the moment:

Lynn - d r a w i n g s 

Samira - d r a w i n g s 
(some are just quick sketches, not that great..)

(quick sketch at school)

BE creative!

see ya
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