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välkommen tillbaka.

Me (Samira) and my friend (Tina) are excited to share with you a few pictures from our Scandinavia trip. Six months ago we started planning our journey. For us, it was clear to travel to Scandinavia. We both love the Scandinavian design and lifestyle. All in all we were 11 days in Scandinavia.
But let's start from the beginning.

My friend Tina - we know us for about 6 years

I was already twice in Stockholm and it's one of my favorite city ever. So it was a pleasure for me to go a third time with Tina.
-Weather: windy, sunny, cloudy, 19 celcius
-Duration: 17. July 2017 - 20. July
-Accommodation: City backpacker Hostel (very pretty hostel!)
-Stores: Grandpa, &other stories, Weekday, Vagabond, Acne Studios,    COS, Aplace, Filippa K, Hope, and many other amazing Swedish fashion/design stores
-Activities: Fotografiska, Vasa Museum, Moderna Museet, Stadtbibliothek Stockholm, Södermalm, Gamla stan
-Food: Cafe Pascal (was sadly closed), Fabrigue, Urban Deli, Sthlm raw, Kaffeverket


 Moderna Museet(in Stockholm and Copenhagen they have sometimes unisex public toilets)

Urban Deli and STHLM raw

Gamla stan, Stadtbibliothek and Stockholm Central station

 (our hostel room)
Vasa Museum

Malmö (Lund and Skanör - day trips)
We travelled by train with the inter rail to Malmö. It was a 5 hours train raid which made so much fun because of the beautiful Swedish nature. We passed by like 50 lakes and cute red cottages and forests. 
-Weather: windy, cloudy, 17 celcius
-Duration: 20. July - 23. July
-Accommodation: Moment Hotel (very nice)
-Stores: Vintage shop in Lund (forgot the name), and many others but we only went in the vintage store
-Activities: Lund (little "university city") - Botaniska trädgården and discovered the city, exploring Malmö by bicycle which was soo fun, Emporia, Turning Torso, Beach and park in Malmö, Skanör - little village with e beautiful beach and beach cottages
-Food: FYN, Raw food house

our train journey to Malmö and our Hotel

Malmö Emporia


Turning Torso

Lund botanical garden


You can see the bridge to Copenhagen


Malmö is only 50 kilometers away from Copenhagen. So we had about 35 minutes by train. It has a looong bridge which connects Malmö with Copenhagen.
-Weather: rainy, sunny, cloudy, 19 celcius
-Duration: 23. July - 27. July
-Accommodation: a very cozy and pretty airbnb in Valby 
-Stores: Wood Wood, Weekday, COS, Acne Studios, Acne Studios Archive, Wood Wood Museum, Stilleben, Normann Copenhagen, Hay House, Frama Copenhagen (was sadly closed), Storm, Rapha (racing bike store) and many other cute stores
-Activities: Copenhagen street food, Superkilen, Palmehuset Botanisk Have, Nyhavn, Den lille Havfrue, rent a bicycle (highly recommended), Norrebro (hippest district), Rundetaarn
-Food: 108 (didn't go inside - only took a pic haha. But it's a well-known restaurant), Relae, Grod, Istid, The caffe collective, Apollo bar, Atelier September, Olufs Is, Nice cream Copenhagen, papiron

FRAMA (sadly closed)
 Papiron - street food


Hay House

 108 (little sister from Noma)


Stilleben store

our airbnb

vegan organic pizza from papiron (it had soo much cool and fancy food!!)

again Nyhavn
Botanical garden 

Some additions:
Everyone is soo friendly in Sweden and Denmark, it's unbelievable. Like compared to Switzerland - the Swiss have a high living standard - so do they in Scandinavia - but they've a "sprinkle more joy" and seem less stressed as the Swiss do (just my personal view). And they're also so helpful and always smiling. Now, we know why the Danes are the happiest people on earth (according to the statistics). And another (positive) prejudice is true, they mostly have blond hair and are beautiful haha. 
Also the food is amazing (it has so many vegan and vegetarian cafés/restaurants)- salmon, hot dogs and generally fish is well-known in Scandinavia but I'm vegetarian so I didn't tried that out..;)

(btw, we had to "sleep"/wait at the airport in Geneva to get a train at 5am and we had for one day literally (long story) no money - but such kind of troubles make the whole journey more special and unforgettable) ;-)

All in all we have a new favorite city - Copenhagen. On every corner you find a cute café or a shop with the prettiest home furnishings ever! And the Danes have an eye for beautiful looking things! Also everyone who passes by is so well-dressed that you feel under-dressed. Another point is the ciycling life style. Everyone owns a bike and you can always cycle on bicycle paths. And - they have dope minimal/modern bike bridges. They even have bicycle cafés where you also can repair your own bike or buy a bicycle. Another point are the buildings. They're all pretty old and so beautiful - the whole city has a comfy and chill vibe. 

We definitely want to go back to Scandinavia and explore other cities and of course the nature!

We hope that we inspired you with this post to visit Scandinavia! :)


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