Samstag, 5. August 2017
Hey guys! 
We have some great news, Lynn finally also owns a "GA" that means our blog post locations are going to blow your mind (at least we hope so). 
This evening we went spontaneously to Berne and took some pictures. 

We went to the "Paulklee Zentrum" but sadly the location wasn't that great for taking fashion pictures, so we took the train to "Westside". Where we finally spotted the perfect shooting spot - a parking place. 

We had an idea in for a picture in our minds which we tried to realise. The idea was to hold a hand in front of our faces so that the sunlight would create an interesting shade on our visage. 


Dress - Vintage // Shoes - Vans 


Trousers - Zara // Blouse - Stradivarius // Shoes - Vintage

behind the scenes 

song and inspiration
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